sculpsure fat reduction

SculpSure is a visionary, controlled technology that helps patients get rid of body fat without undergoing surgery or downtime.

HOW sculpsure WORKS

SculpSure breaks down and eliminates fat by heating fat cells to a temperature that causes lipolysis (breaking down of cells).

The treating provider places an applicator onto the skin. The applicators heat the fat layer while simultaniously cooling the skin’s surface. Cells are naturally eliminated through the body’s lymphatic system over the following 6-12 weeks.

There is no pain during or after treatment, plus patients are free to return to their normal routine immediately after. Patients will spend most of the 30-60 minute treatments lying or sitting, so we recommend bringing something (phones, books, etc.) to occupy yourself.

The fat cells destroyed during treatment will not regenerate. Providing you maintain a healthy diet combined with a regular exercise routine, you can expect the fat to stay off.

There are no long-term side effects associated with SculpSure. Patients occasionally notice some redness and tenderness surrounding treated areas, which can last a few days.