about KDC

Our Missions

To be the premier dermatological and cosmetic clinic on O’ahu.

To recognize advances in dermal care and utilize them for improved assistance, while advocating healthy skin through prevention and treatment of dermal conditions.

To maintain patient trust from initial inquiry and through every treatment.

Our Philosophies

Our staff does all we can to ensure that your experience at Kailua Dermatology & Wellness Centers is a pleasant and efficient one. It is our philosophy to treat our patients as our #KDCOhana and, to provide the best care possible. We work by the following philosophies:

1. Patient Experience: We strive to keep our office a stress-free environment. Our staff is hand-picked in a way that ensures patients will be treated with respect, value, and privacy. We feel honored that you have trusted us with your care.

2. Patient Safety: Your safety is our highest priority. We strive to exceed current standards for patient safety. We utilizes minimally invasive techniques and local anesthesia to avoid risks associated with procedures performed under general anesthesia.

3. Patient Education & Communication: We hope you will gain a new appreciation for the treatments and procedures we perform so that you feel more comfortable dealing with your conditions and maintaining your cosmetic goals. We explain treatment options, risks, benefits, and alternatives for each of your concerns because patient education leads to treatment success. Your care does not end once you leave our clinic, it continues with complete follow-up care.

4. Medical Advances: We strive to offer the latest procedures and technology by staying abreast of medical and cosmetic advances.