Kybella is the very first, and currently only, FDA-approved treatment used to effectively reduce fat cells under the chin.

Prior to undergoing a Kybella treatment one of our experienced practitioners will give you a thorough assessment to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for treatment. During your consultation, your individual expectations and goals will also be discussed to ensure that we achieve the safest possible outcome.

How Does it Work?

Kybella works to destroy the submental fat cells that give the appearance of a double chin. The substance is injected into the lower chin, at which point it begins to destroy the stubborn fat cells. Kybella is a safe and highly effective alternative to undergoing a surgical procedure, plus there is little to no down time.

How Many Sessions are Necessary to See Results?

Depending on individual circumstances, the majority of patients require between two and three treatments to see optimal results. Most people notice visible improvements after their first session. If your submental fat is less prominent, a single treatment session may be sufficient.

What Are The Side Effects?

Side effects can include swelling, bruising and redness in the days following treatment. Applying a cold compress will help to diminish any potential signs of treatment.

The patient satisfaction rate following Kybella treatments has been extremely high.  After the procedure, patients may feel confident in their improved facial profile having reduced the appearance of a double chin.